Aromatherapy was discovered accidentally by Frenchman Rene Garefosse who in 1937 was working in the laboratory of a perfumery where he burned his hand. He placed it into the nearest cool liquid which was a bowl of pure lavender oil. The hand healed with exceptional speed and with virtually no scarring.

The use of essential oils from plant extracts has been developed over many years and combined with massage is widely used for physical and psychological conditions. After consultation with the client, specific oils are selected to promote relaxation and healing.

Full Body Treatment (70 mins)
Incorporates face and scalp massage.

Back, Neck and Shoulders (40 mins)

Back and Beyond (60 mins)
A smoothing back exfoliation treatment followed by hot towels to tantalise the skin, finally an invigorating back massage to ease away tension using lemongrass infused sugar body scrub and body balm with jojoba and essential oils by Pinks Boutique. Feel renewed, revitalised and relaxed.

Upper Body Bliss (60 mins)
Aromatherapy facial massage with pressure point scalp massage, followed by massage of the back, neck and shoulders.

Back, Neck and Shoulder massage with mini organic facial (60 mins)

Taster of 20 minute back massage, 20 minute mini organic facial and final 20 minutes is dedicated to a Reflexology based foot massage or Indian Head Massage.

Aromatherapy treatments using Eve Taylor essential oils.

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