This relaxing and calming treatment not only creates a balanced feeling but can help migraines and tension, snoring, tonsillitis, colds, flu and sore throats. It also assists with alleviating tinnitus, blocked sinuses and reduces build of wax in the ears. When the candle, a cylindrical tube (it does not have a wick and is hollow) is placed in the ear having been lit at the other end, a moderate suction action is created, lightly manipulating the tympanic membrane. The handmade candle contains numerous herbal, essential oil and tincture extracted ingredients, mainly flax, honey, beeswax and sage. The treatment is completed with a sinus drainage massage.

Treatments are monitored with the use of an Otoscope. Available to purchase are hand-blended roller balls and chemical free ear wax dispersal drops to complement the treatment.

Treatment, using Biosun candles (50 mins)

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