Manicure and Pedicure - Orly

Orly International was founded in 1975 by its current owner, Jeff Pink. The nail care industry was in its infancy and products available to therapists were limited to files, polish and little more. By listening to his customers, Jeff Pink identified a gap in the market and created tailor-made products for the specific needs of his clients. Through his work with top chemists, as well as the finest cosmetic ingredients available, Jeff transformed the company into an international organisation with a world wide reputation for professional fashion-forward products.

Orly captivated the market with Ridgefiller, the very first product to fill ridges and smooth rough surfaces on nails. However, the big breakthrough came with the creation of the original 'French Manicure'.

Orly products / polishes are specially formulated to be used in specific combinations for targeted nail care solutions.

"Gelish" colour gel nails - applied like polish and cured with a lamp. "Gelish" stays on the nails for up to 3 weeks with no chipping or peeling and soaks off in 15 minutes.

Pinks Boutique

Beautiful organic hand and foot spa treatments inspired by Himalayan minerals and the sensual aromas of the Indonesian islands. In an ever expanding market of organic products, Pinks Boutique decided to create an organic pedicure and manicure range because they believe that they can deliver a professional range for use in salons or at home without compromising the best of what natural and organic products have to offer. Our philosophy at Julie Thomson Beauty and Wellbeing is to use excellent quality organic products where possible and we are proud to announce our association with Pinks Boutique who hand blend their products in England.

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